Advantages Of LED Car Lighting.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

One: long life, generally can reach tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours. Some people think that if the future car lights use LED, the entire vehicle will not need to change the lamp.

Second: high efficiency and low energy consumption. LED light source does not need to filter color can directly produce the red, amber and other colors needed by car lamps, without loss, power utilization is up to 80%.

Three: the light quality is high, belongs to environmental protection product basically has no radiation, "green" light source.

4. The structure of LED is simple, the inner bracket structure is sealed with transparent epoxy resin, and the anti-seismic performance is good.

5: lighting no delay, bright light response speed (nanosecond), suitable for moving fast objects.

6. Suitable for low-voltage work, which can be applied to automobiles.

7 :LED occupies small volume, the designer can change the lamp mode at will, make car modelling diversity. The automobile manufacturers prefer the LED, which is completely determined by the advantages of the LED itself.

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