Advantages Of LED Car Lights

- Sep 30, 2017 -

The LED element has the advantages of small volume, compact layout and design for the huge advantage to the car manufacturers in the design of the car appearance left a vast space, breaking past bound lighting system for modeling innovation, meet the automotive appearance demand, China's own brands have great interest in this aspect, to this the automobile industry has also brought opportunities for domestic LED.

Because the LED car light is fast, it can reflect the vehicle condition and the road condition in real time, and leave the driver more time to judge. According to measuring speed per hundred kilometers, the rear can shorten the braking distance of 7.5 meters. The effective prevention of rear end collision and the reduction of automobile safety accidents are of positive significance for improving the initiative safety of automobiles. In addition, LED is controllable, such as light type, range of illumination and brightness can be linearly adjustable, while the traditional xenon lamp will not work. In recent years, with the continuous development of LED technology, the technology short board has been overcome constantly, and the LED lights are becoming more and more intelligent. For example, some models of LED headlamps are equipped with a pair of vehicle detection radar and control computer, even if the driver is long to open high beam lights, encountered on the car will automatically reduce the light type, and even reduce brightness.

Energy saving and environmental protection are another significant advantages of LED lights. According to the Ministry of planning, as of the end of 2015, automotive lighting needs to achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction targets. As the LED light is a cold light source, it has the advantages of low power consumption and long service life. The power consumption is only equivalent to the 1/10 of traditional lamps. It can save fuel consumption better. It is reported that, if the daily energy-saving lamps for example, energy-saving lamps than incandescent energy-saving 4/5, and LED lights than energy-saving lamps also energy-saving 1/4. In cars, the same daytime running lights and LED components consume only 1/20 of the halogen light.

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