All Kinds Of Novelty Truck Lights

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Speaking of trucks in Europe, we will think of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania and other luxury cars, these cars in addition to cool styling, as well as beautiful painting, in addition, the European truck drivers will add Install some lights to embellish your car.

led trial lightsxx.jpg

Domestic laws and regulations by the restrictions on the installation of lights is illegal, but in Europe there is no legal restrictions, in actual use, truck drivers in Europe will be standardized. Let's take a look at the European truck drivers will be installed in the car what the lights, the lights of what price again.

LED car light.jpg

Many truck drivers in Europe like to install a row of headlights at the headlights or bumpers. The price of these lights is not cheap, the installation of headlamps mainly play a supporting role in lighting, you need to use it, usually do not often open.

LED Truck Tail Lights.jpg

In addition to the more obvious headlights, European drivers will install a variety of small lights. At present, most of these retrofit lamps are installed. In the rearview mirror, a truck driver in Europe will retrofit this type of lamp, which can act as a profile lamp at night, and the brightness is not too high.

LED Truck Tail Lights.jpg

In addition to the rear view mirror, they are retrofitted on both sides of the bottom of the bumper. This lamp, bright on both sides, is usually white, red or yellow.

LED Truck Tail Lights.jpg

In addition, the bumper at the rear of the trailer will also be fitted with this light. I do not know if it is a requirement of statutory regulations. The trailer lights on the road will be equipped with such lights. This lamp holder for the rubber material, relatively soft, scratch will not be easily damaged.

LED Truck Tail Lights.jpg

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