Are Led Car Lights Worth It

- Apr 21, 2018 -

The advantages of LED car lights:

1. Longevity: The life span is 5-10 million hours, and it is generally not required to replace it during the vehicle's life.

2, save money: The original car is equipped with incandescent lamps, one on the 21 watts; LED lights are only 1 watt more. The total car is less than 100 watts! Saving electricity is also fuel saving. In this case, the fuel consumption is 100 liters less in five years.

3, free tickets: Due to the long life of the LED, to avoid the sudden ticket loss due to lamps and lanterns;

4, circuit safety: love car lighting circuit current from a dozen amps to less than 1 amp, the circuit may greatly reduce the fire;

5. Traffic safety: As the lighting speed is fast, the braking time for the rear vehicle is long. According to the measured speed of 100 kilometers, it can shorten the braking distance by 7.5 meters. (Several hundred milliseconds from your brakes to incandescent lights, as long as tens of nanoseconds of LED lights) refuse to be rear-ended;

6, high brightness: Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED color is more pure, higher brightness and long-lasting does not fade, have a better warning effect;

7. High strength: LED's shock resistance and impact resistance are far better than ordinary light bulbs, and they have the advantages of small size and strong environmental adaptability.

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