Better Maintenance Of The Automobile Lighting

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The driver is safe at night, it is inseparable from it, it is an essential part of the car, it can improve the safety of driving the driver, it is known as the "car's eyes" of the lights, the role of lights , The driver should pay attention to the maintenance of the lights Oh.

Regular replacement of car light bulbs

Are your car's bulb changed regularly? Some people think that the use of light bulbs for a long time all right, in fact, this is the wrong idea. The use of light bulbs for a long time will darken, will affect the driver's line of sight, driving at night is very dangerous. Therefore, once found the light bulb dimmed, or the lights of the two bulbs brightness is not the same, to replace the early to ensure traffic safety.

Always clean the shade

Car used for a long time, after rainy days, the lights will be covered with shades of gray and dirt, which is a kind of headlights damage. It is recommended to always clean the shade.

Lights have problems early maintenance

Drivers should pay attention to this point is very important, if the lights out of a big problem, such as the lights have cracks, be sure to repair the shop early to repair.

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