Can A Halogen Lamp Fit A Lens

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Better not. As the halogen lamp is not very high in its brightness, the energy will be lost after passing through the lens, causing the light brightness to become lower. But now some of the cars equipped with high brightness halogen lamps are equipped with lenses. For example, Lexus CT200h, Honda CR-V and other models, a gathering of purpose or application of lens, but also the brightness of halogen bulb has put forward higher requirements.

In fact, the headlights are not brighter, but also consider the factors such as color temperature, penetration rate, radiation angle and so on. It is not recommended for you to modify the headlights. Of course, upgrading the original car is not a problem. In general, the original factory has a reason for vehicle setting. Actually, there is no need to envy others. Those who change rogue xenon lights are usually blind. There is also a private modification of headlights, which has a great impact on the automotive circuit. And what is more wonderful is the fact that the xenon lamp with high power has been changed by itself. As a result, the lens is too close to the lampshade, and the plastic lampshade is heated and deformed, which leads to the influent and rupture. The loss outweighs the gain。

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