Can I Use An Inverter If The Car Engine Is Turned Off?

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Yes, in the use of less than 300 watts of small power electrical appliances, general car battery can provide electricity for about 25-55 minutes to turn off the engine in the case, such as notebook computer with a power consumption of 40 watts, the use of time will be longer. The general inverter are equipped with undervoltage warning and undervoltage protection circuit, long time use battery causes the voltage drop to 10 volts, undervoltage protection circuit, the output voltage is cut off and the police, to prevent the battery voltage is too low because the engine starting accident.

What if you want to use the inverter for a long time without starting the engine?

In addition, a piece of battery is supplied, the positive and negative poles are respectively connected with the positive pole and the negative pole of the original vehicle battery by the enough thick wire, and the independent use time of the inverter can be prolonged by one time.

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