Car Headlamp Maintenance

- Jan 01, 2018 -

Car headlights, car LED day lights as human eyes. The "eye" is dark, or intense, not only about the appearance of a car owner, but also the safety of driving or bad weather at night. A car usually don't care about our family, but if the drive to the suburb at night without lights, lamp and fog or found that you can see how important it is in the distance, so the light use and maintenance, is not to be ignored.

Bright lights are an important guarantee for driver safety. During normal use, many owners focus on tires, batteries, braking elements and neglect the night view of care. In fact, also should always look for lamp, safety.

Note 1: check the bulbs in use at ordinary times and daily maintenance, car mainly pay attention to check the lamp of the night and broad, fog lights, brake lights and so on is normal, if there is a job is to find a black bulb, it shall timely replacement.

Note 2: how to change a light bulb? The main reading instruction manual usually remembers the light bulb and socket structure to prepare for temporary status. Various types of light bulbs, if available, should always be ready for brake lights and directions.

Note 3: check the lamp to notice that the dust cover once cracked if the lamp is easy to crack, the dustproof cover of the driver will cause the rain to enter the lamp and form a water mist in the chimney. Once the headlights are on, it will be affected and may also corrode the circuit plug and cause the damaged headlamp. At this time, the owner can open headlight dust cover, bright lights and the headlight lamp still within 10 minutes of water mist began to disappear, can completely disappear after 1 hour, if lost, don't worry about it, but if there is fog, to professional after-sales service station for processing.

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