Car LED Headlight And Xenon Lamp Which Is Good?

- Mar 04, 2018 -

In the past few years, the halogen lamps and xenon headlamps were not good, but with the rise of LED headlights, now people are still struggling with xenon lamp and LED car headlights which is good? Today let's make up the light source for you to solve this problem.

I. the working principle of both.

Xenon headlamps, ultraviolet resistance in UV - cut the glass tube, the crystal in a variety of chemical gas filling, mostly for Xenon (Xenon) and iodide, etc., and then through the supercharger (Ballast) will the car 12 volt dc voltage instantaneous pressure to 23000 volts, after high-pressure shock excitation picture free Xenon electronic quartz tube, between two electrodes produced light source, this is the gas discharge.

LED headlights: it is an electroluminescent device that USES solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials to emit photons and emit light directly. LED headlights are lighting devices made using LED as light source.

The advantages of both.

Xenon headlamp:

1. The color temperature of xenon lamp ranges from 3000K to 12000K. The color temperature of 6000K is similar to that of sunlight, but contains more green and blue components, thus rendering blue and white light. The blue and white light greatly increases the brightness of road signs and signs.

2. The brightness efficiency of HID is three times higher than that of halogen lamp, and it has obvious effect on improving the visibility of driving sight in night and fog.

3. The launch of the luminous flux xenon lamp is 2 times bigger than the halogen lamp, at the same time, the efficiency of electric energy into light energy more than 70% higher than that of halogen lamp, so the xenon lamps and lanterns has higher energy density and light intensity. The improvement of the brightness of car headlights also effectively expands the visual range in front of the car, thus creating a safer driving condition.

4. Power saving 1/2, the halogen lamp consumes over 60W, and the xenon lamp needs only 35W power.

5. Because no xenon lamp filament, so they won't produce scrap by filament broken problem, service life is longer than halogen lamps, xenon lamp life is equal to the average vehicle using all the run time period.

6. Xenon lamp in the event of failure didn't put out at once, but by gradually dimmed out (or light) quickly, make drivers can gain time in night driving, pull over.

LED headlights:

1. Energy consumption is only 1/20 of halogen lamps.

2. Strong penetrability, which can maintain a high degree of identification in fog.

Life is more than 100 times more than that of xenon. Basically your car is scrapped, and the LED headlights still work.

4. It can be lit in a flash without needing to wait for a short time like a xenon headlamp.

5.LED lights are single structure, small size, and can have more transformation forms when designing the car.

6. The light generated by LED headlights is generally scattered and rarely produces light pollution. Real environmental protection.

The advantages of the two are displayed, and it is very easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. Almost xenon lamp can take out the pride, LED headlights can do better, even can be a hundred times stronger. But some people are stubborn, like to take the shortcomings, good! Let's look at their respective drawbacks.

The disadvantages of both.

Xenon headlamp:

1. Poor concentration and too bright, it is easy to shake the driver of the opposite vehicle to cause the accident.

2. Poor penetration. In fog and ice and snow, the penetration of xenon lamp is very weak.

3. Delayed effect. Because of the working principle of xenon headlamp, lighting it requires 2-4s length. When driving at high speed, the horn is often no use, so you need to use a headlamp to "shake" the front vehicle, and then you want to rely on xenon headlights, which is completely impossible.

4. Potentially dangerous.

LED lamps:

1. Heat dissipation. LED headlights generate a lot of heat when they work, and they can shorten life if they don't heat well. But lights light source for new headlamps have been adjusted, by double ball a cooling fan to match a set of good heat dissipation system, need not worry too much, but at the same time, it will increase the cost for this.

It's expensive. Although LED headlights have a long life, the overall cost is lower than that of xenon and halogen, according to long-term driving. But manufacturers are reluctant to take on such debt in low-end models.

It is not difficult to see that LED headlights are more perfect than xenon headlights when they are listed. In fact, the biggest advantage of LED headlights relative to xenon lamp is safety, but the disadvantages of LED headlights are mainly focused on "money", and there are no hard and hard shortcomings. So more than 300 big lights are expensive. You're not the same aunt, you're not the same.

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