Car LED Headlights, With Features To Conquer You.

- Feb 13, 2018 -

With car headlights trend, car LED headlamps are changing the pattern of the line in front of the public, people in the car with the wind, to buy the LED lamps that oneself like, but know that all the characteristics of several LED headlamps, then esage to introduce with you here, also let you know the good.

1. Energy saving and low cost: LED has high luminous efficiency and nearly double the fluorescent lamp. If we use our daily energy saving lamps for example, energy-saving lamps are 4/5 more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and leds are a quarter more energy-efficient than energy-saving bulbs. In cars, the same day driving lights, LED components consume only 1/20 of a halogen lamp. The cost of LED components has also fallen sharply year by year, and costs and prices are still falling by more than 20 per cent a year.

2, long service life: at present, the use of LED components in the car basically can reach the level of 50000 hours, and well-known car lights suppliers have been able to provide life over 100000 hours of LED components, conversion, the equivalent of 11 years... In consideration of the frequency of lighting, the LED components are not required to be replaced in the whole design life of the vehicle. By contrast, that xenon lamp lives only about 3,000 hours...

3. Good durability: the LED components are simple in structure, excellent in impact resistance and shock resistance, and are not easily broken, and can be well adapted to various environments.

4, LED components of small size, compact easy layout and design: this is a huge advantage of leds, this advantage fully catered to the auto makers in the evolution of the design requirements, to break the bondage of the past lighting system for modelling innovation, let us have more creative automobile products.

5. Quick response: the lighting of the LED is only in the microsecond level, which has a higher response speed than that of xenon lamp and halogen lamp, and has better guarantee for driving safety.

6. Low brightness attenuation: the LED brightness is high, and the brightness attenuation is much lower than halogen lamp.

7. Low voltage direct current can be driven, small load, weak interference, low environmental requirements, good adaptability. Unlike xenon lamps, there is a need for a booster (high pressure pack).

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