Car Lights Maintenance!

- Sep 21, 2017 -

How to reduce the brightness of the lights should be maintained

Whether it is headlights or headlights, as long as the light bulb does not shine, it means that the light bulb may be burned out, you have to replace it, if the lights are not broken, but the brightness of the lights down, or Is dimmed, it shows that there are problems with the light bulb, it may be about to be broken, to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The brightness of the car lights may be reduced astigmatism on the glass, just need to take a soft cloth to wipe clean, and this is the first case. The second case is the battery charging capacity to die, the brightness of the lights is not enough because of lack of electricity, if this is the case need to replace the battery as soon as possible. The third case is the line aging, or the line is too thin, the resistance is relatively strong impact on the battery power supply.

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The importance of maintaining the lights

The lights are an important configuration to help us safe driving. If you are driving at night, turn on the running lights to let you see the traffic in front of the road, you can also open the high beam, so that your line of sight farther, if the car The lights are broken and the car is difficult at night. If you are driving in foggy weather, fog lights do not shine, others can not see your location, it is easy to lead to traffic accidents.

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