Common Fault Analysis Of Automobile Lighting System

- Dec 21, 2017 -

One, all the lights are not bright, the reason: 1. The power line breaking between the battery and the main switch, 2. The total switch of the lamp is broken, 3. The total fuse of the power supply is burned.

Two, high beam or dipped headlight not bright, reason: 1. The wire break or plug contact undesirable or the light bulb is damaged, 2. The high beam or low beam lights the fuse burned, 3, light relay is damaged, 4, wire grounding, 5. Lamp master switch is broken.

Three, headlamps lights dim, reason: 1. The fuse is loose, 2. The wire loose connection, (3) headlamp switch or relay contact undesirable, 4. Low voltage generator output and 5. Electrical equipment leakage, load increase bad earth.

Four, one side headlamp brightness normal, the other side is dim. Cause: 1. Poor grounding on the dark side of the headlamp, 2. Improper contact of the conductor.

5. The headlamp, the back light is normal, the light is not bright, the reason is: 1. The total switch of the lamp is damaged, 2. The fuse is burned, 3. The small light bulb is damaged, the small lamp circuit is broken, 5. The relay is damaged.

Six, turn on the small light, one side is bright, the other side light brightness is weak and the indicator light is then turn to the indicator light is also bright, to do not blink. Cause: dim light in the light of the light.

The brake light doesn't light, the brake switch is broken, 3. The lead is broken, 4. The grounding is bad, 5. The bulb is damaged.

Eight, the bulb is often damaged, the generator output voltage is too high.

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