Contrastive Analysis Of Various Automobile LED Headlamps

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Lights, not only the night driving must be in the daily driving process, will play a very big role, for example, haze days, we should open our profile lights; if daytime daytime running lights, car Will become more dazzling; if we want to urge the car, you can flash headlamps; if the temporary dock, we can open the double flash

Therefore, in the election time, we often for the car's lights and tangled, and sometimes, in order to all of their headlights into xenon headlamps, spend more than tens of thousands of money. This money is worth it? Here to come with everyone to Kan Kan Kan, the advantages and disadvantages of various lights.

At present we know the headlights are: halogen headlamps, xenon headlamps, LED headlamps, laser headlights.LED headlamps.jpg

First halogen headlamps, which we have seen the most common and oldest headlamps, the principle may be traced back to Edison's era. It is characterized by light-emitting warm yellow, brightness is relatively low, can only meet the basic use, but he is not no advantage in the rain or fog, warm yellow light penetration is the best.

Next is the xenon headlamp, its principle is through the high-pressure ionization of the lamp inside the xenon, which shines. It is characterized by high brightness, probably several times the halogen lamp, the energy conversion to light energy efficiency has also increased a large part, that is, bright and power, but its complex cost of higher structure, so in the high with Models are more common.

LED headlamps, because the lighting speed, before the LED commonly used in the brake lights, and now LED light source also began to use in the headlights.

LED lights are now often light boxes, signs and a variety of electrical indicators and the role of the backlight, but also often the car taillights, high brake lights, the important composition of daytime running lights. Advantages of LED headlamps For automotive, LED light source (not limited to headlights) has the following advantages: energy saving, long life and long durability, LED components small size, compact and easy to layout and design, fast response to low attenuation and many more.

Remove the three main headlights, laser headlamps in recent years has become the new darling of car manufacturers. In addition to the LED headlamp with high efficiency, long life, the reaction speed block, stability and many other advantages, the laser headlamps used in the diode light source is much smaller than the LED lights, designers have better play space. Laser headlamps not only rigidly adhere to the past in the traditional impression of car headlights, in many concept cars can see its excellent performance.

Although the advantages of laser headlamps are more advanced than the LED headlamps, but the cost is high, so the laser headlamps can only be used in the luxury models of individual luxury brands, but also do not "with the people."

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