Daily Maintenance Of Led Taillights.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Many owners are in the yearly check of vehicle detection light, only to find that there is something wrong with the car lights, and then adjust in the repair shop, the correct beam position the car driving at night vision will be made more clear, more safe driving. Actually, when the car lamp of love car appears problem, do not have to go to repair shop to be able to adjust well, below teach you how to adjust led taillight.

First, choose a dark environment, such as underground parking lot or at night, a person sitting in the driving seat to observe the effect, open the led taillights, with opaque cloth cover a headlight, adjust alone a headlight.

Secondly, make a mark with a marker pen or chalk in the center of the illumination range of the wall, and also make a mark on the wall at the position of the car mark (the center of the car's tail). Measure the distance between the headlights mark and the center position respectively, and the two distances should be equal. If there is an outward or inward deviation, you should take a look at the manual of the vehicle and use the screwdriver to make a fine adjustment, so that the position of the two led taillights is symmetrical.

Finally, adjust the height of the beam, the right led taillights should be completely horizontal point-blank, lights are left to raise 10 cm tall, but not too high, so as to avoid direct light eyes opposite to car drivers. On the right side led taillights can be turned to the right to improve visibility on the right side of the vehicle. The whole process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

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