Day-to-day Maintenance Of LED Taillights

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Many car owners are in the vehicle annual inspection and detection of lighting, only to find that the car lights have problems, and then in the maintenance shop to adjust, the correct beam position will make the vision of the car at night clearer, more safe driving. In fact, when the car lights are wrong, you don't have to go to the repair shop to adjust it. Here is how to adjust the LED taillight with your own hands.

First, choose a dark environment, such as an underground parking lot or night. One sits in the driver's seat to observe the effect, opens the LED taillight, covers a light with an opaque cloth, and adjusts a headlight alone.

Secondly, the light range center of the wall is marked with a marker or chalk at the center of the light range of the wall. At the same time, a mark is also made at the wall surface corresponding to the position of the vehicle mark (the center of the car at the center of the car). The distance between the signs on the two sides and the center position should be measured separately. The two distances should be equal. If there is a phenomenon of outward or inward deviation, we should look at the vehicle instructions and use a screwdriver to make a slight adjustment, so that the position of the two LED taillights is symmetrical.

Finally, adjust the height of the beam, the right led taillight should be completely horizontal, and the left headlight is up to 10cm, but do not adjust too high to avoid the light directly across the driver's eyes. The right led taillight range can be shifted to the right to improve visibility on the right side of the vehicle. The whole process takes about 15~20 minutes.

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