Development History Of Turn Signal Lights

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Turn lights and driving safety are closely related, since the invention of the turn signal, greatly reducing the probability of accidents. Turning the lights while driving is actually telling the surrounding vehicles or pedestrians your direction of travel to remind them to be careful.

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In fact, the earliest cars do not have headlights, let alone turn signals. When it comes to turning a lot of light card friends will not think of childhood anti-war movie seen in the car. Feel full of red on the green turning arrow, the arrow above the cab dashboard, the arrow can be moved when turning, to be honest when the car in China few and far, there is an arrow for the steering is enough 

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The history of the common turn signal in the truck's application is actually from the classic car, we have to find the first look of the turn signal from the classic car body digging no better, the following mainly Volvo truck as an example to show the next turn signal.

At the beginning of the 20th century the turn signal was not as high-end as it was in the first Volvo in 1928. The turn signal on the truck actually hid inside the finger arm, turning in which direction it was manually unfolded Turn lights, it is reported that the car is electrically-controlled to turn the turn indicator.


1974 Volvo G89 truck, the turn signal at this time has been more or less the same, in fact, this turn signal has been in vogue for many years.

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