Extended Lamp Life LED Taillights On The Application Of Trucks

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Truck taillights to play back to the car to convey the driver brake, steering and other intentions, to remind the police after the role of road safety has a very important role, the vehicle is essential.

In recent years, many owners will be truck tails from the traditional light bulbs replaced by a better stability of the LED taillights, and even some special depots in the factory when the assembly is the LED taillights. We pay attention to the high-speed road LED lamp appearance rate is getting higher and higher.

The benefits of LED on the truck

1, shock, long life Under normal circumstances, LED reliability and life than ordinary light bulbs much higher. For the truck in the bumps have a good immunity, unlike ordinary light bulbs in the case of frequent switching, easy to burn black or broken. For the truck, it may reduce the road check when the light is not fine and the probability of being fine, which may be the primary reason for the choice of LED friends it

2, energy saving. LED work requires less current, Xiao Bian found information from the Internet that the white LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent, energy-saving lamps 1/4. This is one of the reasons for the big hot LED now.

3, strong light penetration. This night in the dark case of the performance was very obvious, the other visual effects than the ordinary light bulb to be more good-looking.

Many users in the use of the process also focused on a few LED problems:

1, the day is not bright enough;

2, turn the lights flash fast;

3, the circuit will fail alarm;

4, the circuit off the lights will be bright;

5, if the LED is broken, can only replace the entire assembly, unlike the traditional lights for a light bulb just fine.


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