For The LED Strip Light Does Not Shine The Eight Major Reasons

- Jul 20, 2017 -

1. LED light bar packaging protection is imperfect, resulting in the transport process of the lamp beads were damaged and damaged.

2. LED light bar welding point of the phenomenon of Weld, the process of vibration caused by welding off the light caused by light bar does not shine.

3. LED light bar less solder, solder joints easy to fall off.

4. LED light bar solder quality is not good, LED flexible light bar in the bending process of the solder joints tend to produce crisp, off the phenomenon.

5. LED light bar when the installation angle is too large bending, resulting in LED flexible light spot and copper foil separation and lead to light.

6. LED light bar when the installation of excessive extrusion products, resulting in LED flexible light bar chip damage or deformation of the solder joints off and not bright.

7. LED light bar circuit board solder mask layer is too thick, welding solder and circuit board can not be completely integrated together, but also a kind of solder joint phenomenon.

8. LED light bar in the installation can not be distorted, if the distortion will cause the LED flexible light strip of the solder joint and lead to off.

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