Future Trend Of Automotive Led Headlights.

- Mar 04, 2018 -

As modern cars become more and more fashionable, the market of automobile lighting is gradually expanding. Among them, the headlights of LED cars are playing a decisive role in the development of automobile lighting by virtue of its seven advantages.

In the automotive headlights market, the most representative is LED headlights, xenon lamps, halogen lamps. Compared with halogen lamps, the LED lights have seven advantages, which makes it popular in most markets.

First, LED cars have long life, and the general LED lights can reach tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours, which is not suitable for ordinary halogen lamps. At the same time, some industry experts also said that if the future car lighting USES LED lights, the entire vehicle will not have to replace the headlights. According to lights light small make up observation, the current popular with consumers Volkswagen and gm cars have LED headlamps as the flagship of car lighting, visible, LED headlamps has become the mainstream of the market.

Second, LED headlights are very energy efficient. According to experts, the latest automotive LED headlights consume only one twentieth of the halogen lamps.

Third, LED headlights have high quality and basically no radiation, which is a "green" light source. In advocating green lighting, it has become a trend to use LED lights.

Fourth, LED car headlights are resistant to impact and shock resistance, which is not easy to break and can adapt to various environments.

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