Halogen Car Light Features

- Apr 21, 2018 -

The halogen light source is one of the most common light sources for car lights. Generally referred to as halogen headlamps, because the main component of the lamp body is tungsten, it is also known as tungsten halogen lamp or quartz lamp. It evolved from the general incandescent lamp.

Principle: The halogen lamp used in vehicle headlights is filled with halogen gas inside the lamp body, similar to iodine, bromine and other medium gases. As the tungsten wire will sublimate at high temperature, the halogen gas will sublimate at this time. Tungsten produces a certain chemical reaction. The tungsten wire that has become a gas will re-solidify on the original tungsten wire and continue to be used. This is similar to the balance effect of energy, so that the service life of the lamp can be extended for a certain period of time.

Features: Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, near-beam brightness, soft, uniform light, and low beam brightness. Due to the yellowish light, the penetrating effect in rain and fog weather is good. However, the overall brightness is low, and the short service life is the biggest drawback of headlights of halogen light sources.

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