How Does The Rainy Season Safe Use The Rain To Blow Up The Fog Lamp To Use Up?

- Jan 19, 2018 -


1. The car should be inspected like this.

1, wiper

The importance of rain in the rainy season is self-evident. Don't wait until it rains to find that the rain is not working. The inspection method of the rain is very simple, when it comes to the rainy day, it is not easy to use the rain to scrape, to scrape or to "mengmeng", which means that the life of this pair of rain will be exhausted. If it's not raining, you wash your front windshield with glass before you see the effect. On the other hand, if you hear a more obvious difference, it's time to change.

Of course, the daily maintenance of rain is also very important, it is easy to hide dirty things, which is also one of the reasons for the scraping. So you can use a wet towel, or a more resilient wet paper towel to clean it up, wipe off the dirt, oil and so on. Sometimes you'll suddenly find that the rain is blowing and working.

2, the skylight

If the car that USES skylight often main notice, the skylight if maintenance inadvertently also can leak. The sky window has the guide gutter, often use the word can dirty, the most afraid of is to accumulate too much sundry and so on, easily cause blockage. So, open the skylight to check, have sundries to clean up.

3, fog lamps,

Fog lamps are useful in rain and fog, because fog lamps have strong penetrability and can serve as a warning function in low-visibility rain and fog, which is much better than large lamps. Therefore, it is important to check whether the fog lamps are in water or not.

Ii. Matters needing attention:

Keep it dry.

Not only is the humidity high in spring, but the temperature also starts to rise, so it is easy for all kinds of germs to reproduce and grow, even in the car. When the rainy season is approaching, you may do a good job of cleaning the toilet seat, floor MATS, carpets and air outlets in your spare time. In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean up the debris in the trunk and back pocket of the car.

2. Scientific use of air conditioning.

Do you know where the wettest and most bacteria-infested parts of the car are in the rainy season? It's air conditioning. Therefore, how to use air conditioning correctly is to have attention, the most need to pay attention to is to reduce the humidity of air conditioning. How can you do that? Is very simple, every time the driver to stop, you can turn off the air conditioning refrigeration in advance, but don't turn off the air, so that you can blow the wet steam, keep dry and air conditioning system of the internal pipeline. In this way, not only can improve the air conditioning life, but also can effectively inhibit the bacteria breeding in the air conditioning system. Of course, if you have the time, you can also buy some air conditioning cleaning agent to come back to DIY, the effect is better.

3. Wax removable car paint.

Many times the rain will be acidic, and the rain will have a corrosive effect on the paint, making it easy to discolor the paint film, and rot in the area where the scratches and metal plates are exposed. This is the time to give a car a wax, preferably waterproof wax. Because spring is not like summer, there is seldom heavy rain, so the wax will not be washed away very quickly. After the wax is protected from the body, the paint is protected from rain, especially acid rain.

Learn to use fog lamps.

Although both the Internet and traffic police are emphasizing the importance of fog lamps in the rain and fog, many car owners are accustomed to using double flashing lights in heavy rain. In fact, there will be a lot of problems, the double flashing light is not strong in the low visibility of the rain fog, sometimes the role is limited. In addition, there are a lot of models that press the double flashing lights and turn the light on, so that when visibility is low, there is a great danger of turning. Fog lamps are designed to be used in low-visibility rain and fog, and if you don't use fog lamps, it's a waste.

Iii. References for automobile supplies in rainy season.

1. Vehicle waterrepellent agent.

The heavy rain is sure to use the rain, but sometimes the rain is too heavy to use the rain is also a bit of a bit of a problem, it is suggested that you might as well try the vehicle water repellent. The product works by attaching a special layer of film to the glass surface so that rainwater can't be hung on the windshield and rear-view mirror, and some products can prevent fog. If the speed is fast enough, the raindrops on the windshield can even fly away.

It is important to note that although this product is very effective at presentation, the two states are different, so they cannot be too dependent on the effect of the product. As long as it's an effective product, you'll find that the rain will go faster when you use it. On the other hand, you can also use a water drive in the car on both sides of the rearview mirror and the Windows on both sides of the bridge, the rain is not easy to make these places, when driving in rainy day will be able to see more clearly.

2. Flooding coated glass water.

This kind of glass water besides general cleaning function, the biggest characteristic is to also have the coating function of isolating rainwater. This product is not as good as a special water repellent, but it is easier to win.

3. Wd-40 rust inhibitor.

Many old car owners know this thing. It is very useful for dampness and rust remover. It can be used directly in automobile electrical parts and mechanical parts, excluding moisture and moisture of electrical parts. In addition, the door lock switch is not flexible, the wheel hub has oxides and impurities, glass has adhesive, even the gum on carpet can use this product to remove, the use is many.

4. Rescue hammer

In the case of heavy rain, the whole car was trapped in the water and the people in the car couldn't get out of the news. Although this is a very extreme case, the use of a lifesaving hammer is limited to the rainy season, so you might as well prepare an emergency case that can be broken through Windows.

5. The vehicle USES rain gear to receive the bag.

It's annoying to drive on a rainy day, and it's annoying to get your wet umbrella in the car, and if you have a rain-proof receiver, you can solve the problem. With this, you are not afraid to take your umbrella in the rain and get it wet when you get on the bus.

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