How Long To Charge The Car Battery?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

It takes about 20 hours to start the car to start the battery.

When the car will run through the generator to the battery to add electricity, but the battery is required to make a timely loss of electricity, the car itself alone is not enough to charge, can only use a portable charger to charge the battery, the car starts the battery Charging takes 20 hours.

Take 12V60Ah as an example, the charging method: the use of constant voltage limiting way to charge, constant voltage 14.8V current limit 15A charge 16 hours, then 3A constant current charge 4 hours, a total of 20 hours.

The battery is fully charged according to the following phenomenon to determine, or observe the electric eye is green is full:

1) a large number of bubbles in the battery, both the "boiling" phenomenon;

2) the terminal voltage rises to its maximum and no longer rises within two hours;

3) the electrolyte rose to the highest position, and no longer rise within two hours.

Caused the car battery power may be the reason:

1, after the start of the car to stop running, there are air conditioning, music machines and other high-power electrical forget, will make the battery serious loss of power, and must not be so long use.

2, the end of the battery life is not stored or self-discharge fast.

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