How Should A Truck Light Be Maintained

- Dec 06, 2017 -

A bright headlight will definitely help with the truck's driving. So how to repair and maintenance of truck lights?

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First, choose to park a car by a wall at night. Let the front and walls as vertical as possible, and to maintain the distance of 10 meters. First turn on the lights, and cover with a thick cloth a headlight, in order to adjust the headlights on both sides one by one. Remember, the car load can not be too high, not too light, so that the lights can be adjusted evenly. Suggestions to find a friend sitting in the car, so not only be able to maintain proper load, and can be someone to help.

After the lights are turned on, the projection of the light on the wall is recorded with chalk, and the left and right lights should be equidistant from the median axis of the truck. In the event of an outward or inward deviation, it must be adjusted according to the instructions in the truck's manual. As for the height of the headlight beam, the right headlight should be fully horizontal and the left headlight should be raised 10 centimeters upward. Be careful not to adjust the light too high, which will take the driver's eyes opposite the flower.

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