How To Check The Car Headlights?

- Sep 05, 2018 -

The inspection and adjustment of the car headlights is very important for safe driving and requires special equipment. When checking and adjusting the position of the headlights, the car tire pressure should be within the standard range. The driver's seat should be seated by one person or placed with a weight of 75kg. The fuel tank should be filled with fuel. The vehicle-mounted device on the car should be fully equipped. The adjustment of the headlights is based on the light distribution of the low beam, as follows:

(1) When the tire pressure is normal, the adjusted car and the verification screen are vertically parked on a straight road. The distance between the car and the screen is 10m, and the front seat is seated by one person or the weight is 75kg.

(2) Adjust the light adjustment screw so that the cut-off line of the light and the cut-off line on the check screen coincide, and the inflection point of the cut-off line coincides with the center mark.

(3) The lighting adjustment should be carried out by a single lamp. When adjusting one of the lamps, the other lamp should be covered or the fuse of the other lamp should be unplugged.

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