How To Check The Headlights

- Jan 01, 2018 -

First headlamps must have enough brightness and intensity, automobile headlamps high luminous intensity, brightness, can ensure the driver when driving at night to identify the road conditions, to make our roads emergency was observed in the first time, make us away from dangerous. Generally speaking, the brightness of the lamp bulb will be weakened by 50,000 kilometers or about two years. If the lights are not bright enough, you need to change the bulb in time. When replacing the car bulb, should be careful not to use inferior product, but should choose the headlights that the original factory matches, because only the auxiliary car lamp of the original factory, its quality and safety can have safeguard.

Second, notice the direction of the irradiation (headlight axis direction). The direction of the headlights not only provides reliable illumination for the driver, but also prevents the driver from dazzle at night. Therefore, the direction of the headlamp is also one of the factors that affect the safety of the car at night.

To this end, you may need to adjust the light of your car, if you do not plan to change to the 4S shop, you can also adjust the light direction of the car. The method is as follows: when adjusting, the load in the car cannot be too heavy or too light, so that the headlights can be adjusted to be more balanced, and the adjustment is appropriate in the state of the load man. The car owner can adjust the height of the light beam with the screwdriver according to the instructions in the car manual. In general, the right lights should be completely straight, while the left headlights should be up by 10cm. It should be noted that the headlights are not too high to avoid the eyes of the driver. In addition to the height, the width of the lamp light can also be appropriate adjustment, recommended dispatch right light beam is slightly to the right, so that even in the low visibility of rain and fog can also be on the right side of the road could see them more clearly. 

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