How To Distinguish The Quality Of LED Lights 6 Key Points?

- Mar 04, 2018 -

LED lights are produced because the threshold is low, so there are many people doing this project. But experienced people still have a way to identify, formal manufacturers of LED lights and LED lights with the shanzhai (i.e. all by manual work produced in the rental products) is to be able to visually one soon. Here's how to identify the quality of LED lights by eye:

1. Look at FPC quality. The FPC is divided into two kinds of copper and calender copper. The copper foil applied to copper plate is convex, and it can be seen from the connection between the welding disc and the FPC. However, the copper is closely connected with the FPC, and can be bent at will without the loss of the welding disk. If the bending is too much, the welding disk will fall off, and too high temperature will cause the welding disk to fall off.

2. Look at the solder joints. The LED headlights produced by the normal LED lamp manufacturer are manufactured by SMT patch and solder paste and reflow soldering process. As a result, the solder on the LED lamp is smooth and the solder flux is not much, and the solder is arcing from the FPC solder to the LED electrode. However, the solder flux of the fake LED lamp is not uniform, and it is covered with a dot to cover the foot, and there will be different degrees of tin tip, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding.

Look at the package. Normal LED lights will be packed with antistatic packaging and then sealed with antistatic and moisture-proof packaging. And the imitated version of the LED lights will be saved by the cost, no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag, carefully look at the appearance can see the appearance of clear labels left marks and scratches.

4. Look at the cleanliness of LED lights. If the LED lights are produced by SMT process, the surface cleanliness is very good, no impurities and stains can be seen. But if use hand welding production of LED lights, no matter how the surface cleaning, will remain with traces of the stain and cleaning, and will help in FPC surface residual flux and tin slag.

5. Look at the light beads. Normal and high quality LED lights manufacturer USES light bead will be a better light bead, such as the United States CREE, Germany osram, South Korea's samsung, Taiwan wafer, authority of world-class brand lamp bead, ensure the high brightness LED lamp, low light sad, long service life. Because this can really guarantee the quality of a product, and the shanzhai version of the LED lamp manufacturers will adopt low quality and cheap lamp beads to save costs.

6. See the attachment. The normal LED lights will be enclosed with instructions and a light ribbon specification, and will also be equipped with LED headlights connector or card holder. There are no such accessories in the shanzhai version of the LED lights, because some manufacturers are still able to save.

Above is dongguan light lights are LED lights manufacturer production LED lights to the quality of the 6 elements, you must remember that oh, prevent future with LED lights, do not know when buy, buy inferior product, everyone wants to buy the product to buy good quality, and durable, so that the quality of the product quality is very important, please remember the six elements is's interest.

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