How To Identify The Quality Of Led Light Bar?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

1, look at the solder joints. Regular LED lamp with the manufacturer of LED light strip is the use of SMT chip technology, with solder paste (Li Feng) and reflow (Li Feng M series / S series reflow) process production. Therefore, the LED lamp with a relatively smooth solder joint and the amount of solder will not be more arc welding arc from the FPC pad at the LED electrode to extend. The poor quality of the LED lights with solder joints uneven amount of solder, mostly a dot around the welding legs, there will be different degrees of tin tip appears, this is a typical phenomenon of manual welding. The company is located in:

2, see FPC quality. FPC divided copper and rolled copper are two kinds of deposited copper foil is protruding, look at the connection from the FPC and the pad can be seen. The rolling copper is closely connected with the FPC as a whole, can be bent without any pad off phenomenon. If bent over the copper plate will appear off the pad, the maintenance of high temperature will cause the pad off. The company is located in:

3, to see the cleanliness of LED lights with the surface. If using LED technology to produce LED lights, the surface of the cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. However, if the poor quality LED tapes produced by the hand soldering process are used, no matter how the surface is cleaned, traces of stains and cleaning residues remain on the surface of the FPC, and residues of flux and dross remain on the FPC surface. The company is located in:

4, see the packaging. Regular LED lights with anti-static coil tray packaging, usually 5 meters a roll or 10 meters roll, and then outside the anti-static moisture-proof bag sealed. The cottage version of the LED lights with the cost savings, and the use of recovery reel plate, and then no anti-static moisture-proof bags, carefully read the coil tray can be seen on the appearance of removal of the label left traces and scratches. The company is located in:

5, see the label. Regular LED lights with bags and reel tray above will have a printed label, not a printed label. The inferior label is printed, while the specifications and parameters are not uniform. The company is located in:

6, see the attachment. The regular LED light strip will be accompanied by instructions for use and light tape specifications inside the box, along with the LED light strip connector or card holder, and the inferior LED light tape box does not have these accessories, because some After all, manufacturers can save the province.

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