How To Install The Daytime Traffic Lights

- Sep 16, 2018 -

Choose a suitable location at the front of the car, which usually depends on your car type, and avoid high temperature and water accumulation as much as possible when determining the location.

Then, according to the installation instruction of the daytime running light, drill the fixed hole of the day running light in the car. After turning on, fix the daytime running light on the vehicle with screws.

Line installation is divided into three steps:

1) check the wiring harness of the daily light. Connect the two interfaces of the wire harness to the light respectively according to the instruction.

2) check the wiring harness of daytime traffic and find three lines: black, brown and gray. Connect the black line to the output end of the ignition switch of the vehicle; Brown wire connected to the negative pole of power supply; The gray line is connected to the output end of the xenon headlamp switch.

3) after the connection is made, the excessive length of wire harness is arranged and fixed in the car. The wiring harness should be kept away from the high temperature (such as the engine).

Additional, what should remind general owner is, when choosing installation position, avoid the place with high temperature as far as possible, easy accumulation of water. When the line is installed, pay attention to the connection direction between the wire harness interface and the daytime traffic light interface.

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