How To Replace The Car Led Taillight?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Replacing a car led tail lamp is not a simple event, but its skill level is not very high. I can start to change, can save a fee, we teach you how to replace the car led taillights.

First, power off.

To be on the safe side, cut off the power supply first. Because, first open the trunk of the bus luggage, cut off the car power, make sure the front of the operation. At the same time, to allow the time to change the taillights, we need to clean up the trunk.

Second, remove the dust board on the back of the car lamp.

This is to carry out the taillights to change the superfluous method, remove the dust board of the back of the car lamp, convenient to carry on the change of taillight. A lot of lights are divided into two ways: the electric light bulb and the lamp holder, and the light bulb and the lamp holder, we use the light bulb and the lamp stand separately.

Third, carry out replacement.

Replace the rear lights in advance to confirm the need for replacement of the headlights, stabilize the back of the lamp in the back of the winding crank, and unscrew it. Then replace the new headlights and pay attention to the models and colors of the headlights.

Fourth, install the car lamp and dustproof board.

After the installation of the led taillight, the dustproof board is installed. Because say, the dismantling task of taillights is simple, one is the work space is bigger, the second is the construction is absolutely easy.

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