How To Replace The Led Taillights Of Cars

- Nov 24, 2018 -

It is not a simple event to change the led taillights of cars, but the skill content is not very high. Can I start to change, can save money, we teach you how to change the car led taillights.

First, cut off the power supply

To be on the safe side, the power must be cut off first. Because, first opens the bus baggage compartment cover, cuts off the vehicle power supply, guaranteed front does not have the electricity operation. Simultaneous, in order to set aside the time to change the taillights, to push the luggage compartment.

Second, remove the back of the lamp dust board

This is an unnecessary way to change the taillights, remove the dust plate on the back of the car lights, convenient to change the taillights. A lot of car lamps are divided into two kinds of means: electric bulb and lamp holder leave type and lamp holder integral whole type, what we use is electric bulb and lamp holder are apart type.

Third, replacement

Replace taillights to be sure of the need to replace the lights in advance, to stabilize the lights behind the curl crank, it will be twisted down. Then replace the new lights, pay attention to the lights model and color.

Fourth, install duplicate lights and dust board

After the led taillights are installed, dust shields are installed. Because said, taillight dismantling task is relatively simple, one is the large workspace, the other is absolutely easy to construct.

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