How To Use The Battery Charger To Charge The Car Battery

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Car in the process of driving, car generators and related circuits will automatically charge the battery, for the regular use of the car, the process of driving the battery can be fully charged, there is no need to recharge the battery.

Many private cars use a lower frequency, or often short-distance traffic, the battery power is not timely enough to add, resulting in long-term car battery in the state of insufficient power, there will be serious when the failure can not start. If not timely replenishment, then the car battery will soon be scrapped. So the proposed annual mileage of not more than 10,000 kilometers of friends, equipped with car battery charger, every 1-2 months to recharge the car battery once, or found that the battery voltage is too low, the timely replenishment.

Use the car battery charger to charge the car when the battery charge to be careful, because the operation properly, may destroy the car circuit or even computer board, causing greater losses.

Charging should pay attention to the following:

1, choose the charger with your car battery matching. Now the use of household cars are generally maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, rated voltage 12V, buy car battery charger to understand their car battery type to use the appropriate battery charger. At the same time, the best choice of 10A below the charger. Charging current point, more conducive to the protection of the battery.

2, it is recommended to remove the battery, in a well-ventilated room for charging.

Household cars are easy to remove the battery, the owner can operate their own hands. Close all the cars after the car, lock all the windows, doors. Open the hood, with a small wrench to loosen the battery negative screw, you can remove the negative pole from the battery negative pole connection. Use the same method to remove the battery cathode connection. Note that the negative connection is removed first, then remove the positive wiring.

The battery is fully charged, the installation, first connected to the positive, then connect the negative. With a small wrench to tighten the battery pile head fastening screws, to be appropriate force, can not force too much, otherwise it may lead to screw slider.

When moving the battery to gently, keep the battery positive and negative pile head up, do not put the battery upside down.

Charging the first charge of the charger should be connected to the battery connected to the positive and negative pile head, and then plug the charger 220V plug into the city electrical outlet.

When connecting the battery, be sure to pay attention to the positive and negative wiring and the battery pile head corresponding to the positive pole, the negative pole to the negative. For refuses that do not have reverse polarity protection, reversing the damage to the charger and the battery.

It is recommended to buy anti-reverse car battery charger, or, non-polar car battery charger.

3, conditions permit, you can also charge the battery in the car, charging, be sure to disconnect the negative connection!

4, strongly recommended: to the car battery charging selected during the day, the owner or the owner commissioned by hand, every 30 minutes to an hour to see once, touch the battery shell, the charger is overheating, charging process whether the smell. Any abnormality should immediately stop charging.

5, the operation process, to prohibit fireworks.

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