I Said That Led Lights Make A Decision About Car Lighting. You Don't Believe It?

- Jan 19, 2018 -

As modern cars become more and more fashionable, the market of automobile lighting is gradually expanding, among which, LED by its seven advantages has a decisive role in the development of automobile lighting.

LED and incandescent lamps are the most representative ones in the headlights market. Leds have seven advantages over incandescent bulbs, which makes them popular in most markets. First, LED life long, the general LED can reach tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours, this is ordinary incandescent lamp cannot and. At the same time, some industry experts also said that if the future car lighting use LED, the entire vehicle will not be replaced with a lamp. According to the author's observation, the popular and general brand cars that are popular among consumers have already made the LED as the main automobile lighting, so the LED has become the mainstream of the market. Second, leds are very energy-efficient. According to experts, the latest LED is more than half of the same brightness as incandescent bulbs. Third, LED light quality is high, basically no radiation, belong to "green" light source, in advocate green illume today, use LED has become a kind of trend. Fourthly, the structure of LED is relatively simple, and the inner bracket structure is sealed with transparent epoxy resin. The anti-seismic performance is good. Fifth, LED does not need hot start time, bright light response speed (nanosecond), suitable for moving fast objects. Sixthly, the applicable voltage of the LED is between 6 and 12 volts, which can be fully applied to the car. Seventh, LED occupies a small volume, the designer can change the model of lamps and lanterns at will, make car modelling diversity. The automobile manufacturers prefer the LED, which is completely determined by the advantages of the LED itself.

The reality, of course, is the price issue. In current market, the price of LED lamp and traditional car bulb still have big difference. According to the author's observation, like a middle class sedan, the price of the combination of incandescent lamp is 120 yuan per set, while the price of the LED combination rear light is 210 yuan/set. Therefore, LED prices have fallen sharply, and the continuous improvement of luminous efficiency and the improvement of cooling technology are the main points for the development of LED car lamps in the future. Although there are still some problems to be solved, but the LED is small in size, vibration resistance, energy saving, long life and other advantages, at the same time give the designer a broader space, all of these are elements increase LED application, both inside and outside the car. With the continuous improvement of the product technology and the expansion of the product category, the future automobile will be developed in a safe and intelligent direction.

LED will play a decisive role in future car lighting.

At present, the LED has been applied to the automotive interior and exterior, especially in car interior lighting, the application of color LED is already very mature, such as used in the dashboard, backlight lighting switch, auto reading lamp or looked up and display system, etc., allow automakers to through the use of their own special recognition, distinguish with other competitors, or the use of color to distinguish the various series of products. The latest audi A7 has been a hit, with its sharp LED headlights, creating an avant-garde and fierce style. While the flying wing LED daytime running light has been used in the new audi A8, the audi A7 will not abandon this practical and stylish design. When LED lights are activated, the lights are dimming according to the distance of the road, and provide the illumination needed for the inside of the curve. In addition, the brand new kia kaizun car is equipped with the car lighting panel configuration, and the omni-directional reception lighting system is automatically lit for you when you are just approaching. The elegant lighting of the dashboard and doors in the cabin, combined with the starry sky outside the window, makes cadenza look like an elf across the night sky. As vehicle headlamps lighting, due to high power leds, restricted by technology and the LED performance, especially in the field of optical, electronic control, thermal management, also has the certain difficulty to popularize it will take three to five years time, the industry has only applied in some high-end luxury cars started. In addition to the current use of the common taillights, high brake lights and so on, the future of the turn signal, the headlights will also be used in large-scale LED. The market size of domestic LED car lamps may exceed 1 billion yuan in 2010, and the annual output value of 3 billion yuan may be formed in 5 years. According to iSuppli's 2011 LED project released in 2009, about 95 percent of new cars worldwide are expected to be LED in one or more taillight lights by 2013. Thus, LED will play a decisive role in automobile lighting.

Conclusion: in summary, LED lights have become mainstream. The author has learned, at present there are a lot of south China, east China area main double optical lens manufacturer has gradually and LED lights, and in the era of low carbon economy, applicability product substitution will become a trend, now that the xenon lamp can completely replace the halogen lamp, so the LED in the application of light will not be far away.

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