In The Future, The Mainstream Of The Automotive Lighting Market Will Be LED Car Lamps.

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Now fast-paced way of life, work - work - work - work, presumably every office worker, back home after work, the first thing is to open all things related to "electric" word: TV, computer, electric light... It's easy for you to relax, but can you know that when you're on your way home, you can relax by driving your car? Does the car bring you joy, ease, and do you care about your car? Change into bright eyes for the car...

With the development and evolution of LED technology, its application in automotive field is becoming more and more widespread. Yet LED companies in three applications such as lamp, back light source, lighting on the market is in a stage of development, certification, needs a period that contribution to this industry growth is not big, but as the industrialization of speed, LED giant next year in the lamp, back light source, lighting and other three areas have a large number of applications.

For the development of the market of LED auto lamp, the United States, Japan, Europe, some of the premium car already USES some LED lighting, with the development of Chinese economy, automobile and motorcycle industry in the rapid progress in recent years, the products demand for automobile lamp and motorcycle lamp will rise. Although a few years ago, LED lamp market expands slowly, in two years is expected to have a rapid development, and in each car in the former group after combination lamp, the lamp is expected to have 1 ~ 2 lamps (such as after making lights, lights) after using the LED light source. LED is referred to as the fourth generation of automobile light source, and LED lights have the advantages of good quality and high grade incandescent lamp, except for the high disposable input.

With the increase of oil price on September 1, the development of new energy vehicles has attracted much attention. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection are the main topics that people pay close attention to. LED is highlighted the huge advantage in energy saving, believe that people often focus on the audi new models may know, over the past few years continually its widespread use on the brake lamp LED (light emitting diode, is a can transform electrical energy directly into light energy of semiconductor crystal compounds, gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide is the basic material.) In the car headlights, compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, the LED lamp is not only high in illumination, but also low in energy consumption. In the same illumination condition, the demand for high-power light-emitting diodes is half of the halogen lamp. The technology still has huge potential for development, although the leds do not yet meet the energy efficiency of xenon headlights.

The car LED lamp is divided into two categories: decoration and function lamp.

The decoration lamp is used in both internal and external beautification of the locomotive, and it is used to realize the transformation of the five colors. The function LED lamp is most suitable for the indicator light backlight of the digital instrument assembly, front and rear turn signal, brake indicator light, corridor light, reversing light, fog lamp, reading lamp. The use requirement of LED is similar to that of commonly used LED, but it is required to be high in Angle, color difference, brightness, voltage dispersion, light failure, heat dissipation, anti-violet and reliability.

In fact LED lamp technology has not only a so-called "vase" adornment effect, the LED will be growing with the longevity and its energy saving features, the development direction of lighting the future.

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