Is The Car Fog Lamp Useful?

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Fog lights are divided into front fog lights and rear fog lights, GB are no mandatory installation requirements, so many cars in order to simplify, cost savings, do not install fog lights.

In the case of low visibility weather, the rear fog lamps rely on the strong red light, warning others. We can observe the observation, in the rear of the vehicle to watch the light brake lights and rear fog lights, will find the fog lights will be a lot of bright, or even dazzling.

Front fog lights, the first front fog lights absolutely have the role of lighting, the front fog lamp installation location is low, the requirements of the high brightness, the light can be made to make up the beam and high beam light can not be bright in front of the car Area. At the same time the fog lamp regulations require the fog light to be wide, that is, to illuminate your car's left front and right front, the purpose is to let you see the ground signs, let you along these signs forward. At the same time, more and more front fog lamps bear the steering auxiliary function, that is, turn, the front fog lights open, illuminate the blind spot, which is the role of lighting.

Next, talk about the warning effect of the front fog lights. In the fog weather, near light due to regulatory requirements, the light emitted are playing in the ground, can not catch the opposite to the role of the car; and high beam it? In fact, high beam can never play the role of fog warning others, but because of the high beam in the vertical direction of the angle of exposure, a lot of light to the sky, the installation location is high, fog open high beam, strong light hit Fog on the direction of the vehicle in the direction of the formation of a layer of light curtain, affecting the driver's vision, so the fog generally do not open the high beam; and the front fog light as the light cut off the line is not as bright as the light, that it can There is a lot of light to the opposite side to the car and pedestrians, play a warning role, but not too much light to the sky, coupled with its own low installation position, so there will not be similar to the impact of high light field of vision problems.

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