LED Headlamps Car Lighting The Strongest

- Jul 20, 2017 -

For most of the friends like the car, the lights are a very interesting topic. Whether it is their own car "candlelight", or everyone on the road shouting "high light dog", or those hundreds of meters away will be able to identify the identity of the high-end models, the vehicle headlamps will always be the most on the front face Attractive part. This truth through the "German Troika" years of practice, has long been deeply implanted in our hearts. And for the Chinese brand, it is now a small step running stage. The design of the great progress, naturally there are a lot of dazzling headlamps design, such as the upcoming wild horse T80, it will soon become the first full-size LED headlamps of Chinese brands SUV.

However, xenon headlamps as a transitional product, the disadvantage is also very obvious: start delay, start the moment the impact of high current problems have been plagued the owner. At the same time, xenon headlamps in the rain and fog weather penetration effect is not ideal, especially foggy weather, the driver's eyes are basically a vast expanse of white.

With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has gradually become the future trend, and now in the field of home lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream, the reason is very simple, LED light source with a smaller power in exchange for a better brightness, Better lighting effects while reducing energy consumption, and have a longer life, it can be said more than once.

In the field of automotive lighting, LED headlamps are also "high-end" products, more common in some luxury brand models, generally less than 200,000 cars with LED headlamps, even if there is basically the top with Models will be equipped, and not all the LED headlamps, will only be used to replace the low light source for the LED light source. And if you look down, in the 150,000 yuan range, then almost a vehicle using the headlights of the LED are not, the high tax rate of imported cars since no need to say, and whether it is a joint venture model or to the configuration to win the Chinese brand models , It is difficult to find a come. But this time, Mustang T80 broke the situation.

In addition, the design is also one of the advantages of LED headlamps: As the principle of their work and characteristics, LED headlamps can be made into a lot of very beautiful shape, get rid of a single design and monotonous lighting effects. The traditional halogen headlamps and xenon headlamps, due to their own limitations, decorative effect is far less than LED headlamps.

Now more and more car brands began to make an article in the headlamps, more and more new cars began to use LED headlamps group, the major manufacturers have also introduced with LED headlamps of new models, LED light source in the field of automotive lighting Continue to spread.

But in the range of 10 million SUV models, the Mustang T80 will be equipped with all the LED headlamps news or let me quite surprised. To know that in this level, the whole LED lights are extremely rare. Whether it is God car Hover H6, or to the price and configuration to win the Po Chun 560, are not equipped with LED headlamps. And nowadays the popular Roewe RX5 is only the LED headlamps as an optional configuration for the model by color, and only the top models will be equipped with LED headlamps. Mustang T80 so the whole line of standard practice or the first time back.

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