LED Plays A Decisive Role In The Future Automotive Lighting

- Oct 30, 2017 -

At present, LED automotive lighting application market sales, about 10% annual growth rate, but the proportion of domestic LED car lighting is not high. LED use of relatively large models concentrated in the high-end car companies, and these car companies are generally limited to the LED brand, the domestic LED business is more difficult to enter its supply chain. In addition, domestic LED and international well-known brands compared to the longevity and separation of the homogeneity may have more problems, at the same time, automotive lighting market itself, strict supervision, the threshold is relatively high, the car as a luxury consumer goods, sales behind On the one-on-one customers, any quality problems will cause complaints, domestic LED has no chance to go through this market long-term large-scale experience, it is difficult to achieve automotive LED standards. Automotive lighting is a very professional field, to do LED car lights, whether it is automotive lighting business or LED business, it is difficult to go it alone, the need for automotive lighting business and LED enterprises to communicate fully communicate, especially in the LED car before The development of light.

According to statistics, China has the ability to purchase cars for the 20 million households, China may become the world's third largest auto market, accounting for 6% of the global share, second only to the United States and Japan. By 2025, the size of China's auto market will reach the current size of the US auto market. China has become the fastest growing auto sales in the world today. According to the China Automobile Industry Association statistics, in 2009 the domestic sales of lights to reach more than 15 billion yuan, of which the proportion of LED lights accounted for the proportion of the market increased year after year to Shanghai Shinsuo lights, for example, 2009 LED lights sales accounted for all cars Lamp sales of 11.7%, is expected in 2011 LED lamp sales accounted for the proportion of the lamp will reach more than 15%, and by 2015 LED lights sales accounted for the proportion of all sales of lights will reach more than 30%.

At present, LED lights and traditional lighting prices are still quite different, such as a high-end cars, incandescent combination of light after 120 yuan / sets, and LED combination of rear lights are required 210 yuan / sets. So LED prices fell sharply, rising luminous efficiency and cooling technology is growing is the future development of LED automotive lighting the main focus of the point. Although there are still some problems to be solved, but LED small size, resistance to vibration, energy saving, long life and other advantages, while giving designers a broader design space, these are to increase the LED in the car inside and outside the application of the elements. With the continuous improvement of product technology, product categories continue to expand, the future of the car will be safe, intelligent direction.

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