Led Traffic Lights Compared To The Advantages Of Traditional Transportation

- Jul 20, 2017 -

LED after several decades of technological development, its luminous efficiency has been greatly improved. Because of its monochromatic good, narrow spectrum, no need to filter directly to send colored visible light, and with red, yellow, green and other colors of high-brightness LED commercialization, LED has gradually replaced the traditional incandescent lamp as a traffic signal The Compared with incandescent, led traffic lights have the advantage of low power consumption, long life, and can greatly improve the brightness, as the ideal traffic light traffic lights.

1.LED light source in the energy advantage is very obvious, one of its significant features is the low energy consumption, which is the application of the lamp is very meaningful. LED traffic lights almost 100% of the LED excitation energy to become visible light, compared to 80% of incandescent bulbs become heat loss, only 20% become visible light.

2.LED traffic lights in the continuous light, rain, dust and other harsh weather conditions, can still maintain a good visibility and performance indicators. LED light is emitted by the monochromatic light, and therefore do not need to use color film to produce red, yellow, green signal color; LED light has a direction, and a certain divergence angle, which can abandon the traditional lights used in the Aspheric mirror. LED this feature to solve the traditional signal lights exist phantom (commonly known as false display) and color discoloration problem, improve the light efficiency.

3. halogen bulbs and other LED traffic lights are less than the response time, thus reducing the occurrence of accidents.

4.LED is directly from the electric energy into the light source, resulting in very low heat, almost no heat. LED traffic lights cooling the surface to avoid maintenance personnel burns, and can get a longer life.

5. Lamp work environment is relatively poor, cold and heat, sun and rain, and thus the reliability of the higher requirements of the lamp. General lights with incandescent bulb average life is 1000h, low-pressure halogen bulb average life expectancy is 2000h, resulting in high maintenance costs. LED traffic lights did not cause damage to the filament, while there is no glass breakage problem.

As the traffic lights in the city traffic in the important role of each year a large number of traffic lights need to be updated, and then lead to a relatively large market, after all, high profits are also conducive to the development of LED production and design company, for the entire LED industry Will also produce benign stimulation.

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