Led Traffic Signal Classification

- Jul 20, 2017 -

Led lights by the circular red, yellow, green three-color lights and arrows pattern, with time to change the way, the distribution of traffic in different directions of the road; or by only red and green color of the circular lights to Control unidirectional traffic. Usually on the fork or the implementation of unidirectional rotation on the road.

Led lights in accordance with the operation mode is divided into: timing lights traffic sensor lights traffic adjustment lights pedestrian dedicated lights with traffic control lights to use with "standing pedestrians" and "pedestrian" pattern square red, green two-color lights, control Pedestrians crossing the street, at the fork or in the middle of the road.

Time traffic lights pedestrian touch lights special traffic lights, including: lane control signal line with a fork and arrow pattern square red, green two-color lights, the right to use the distribution of lanes, located in the middle of the road or toll station. Multi-phase intersection four lights when the lights (set in the T-shaped and Y-shaped intersection and prohibit the left turn, prohibit the right turn, prohibit access to the intersection, will limit the vehicle turn left). Multi-phase junction five lights when the lights (set three-way to the four-way crossroads, red, yellow, turn left green arrows, green arrows before the right, turn right green arrows and other five lights to control the vehicle Stop, in addition to the signal light fixed left turn time set to red light turn left green arrow to allow the vehicle to turn left). 

The railroad traffic signal is accompanied by a circular double flash red light, which prohibits pedestrians from crossing the railway and is located in front of the railway crossing. Pedestrians crossing the signal to the side of the circular double flashing yellow lights, warning close to the vehicle should slow down, if pedestrians need to be suspended to pedestrians priority cross the street, located in the zebra pedestrians crossing the road mark before the line. Special flash signal to a single mirror of the flash red or yellow lights, warning close to the vehicle before the road conditions should be suspended or slow down the slow, and then depending on the road to set the line, located at the fork or dangerous road section.

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