Night Driving In And Out Of The Narrow Junction Or Alley Note

- Sep 12, 2017 -

For the driver, it is very important to use the light when driving at night, and the lighting of other vehicles can be used to help the safe driving.

If the light fluctuates, the road surface is uneven: it is also possible to determine the flatness of the front pavement by turning up and down the vehicle light to the vehicle. You can also use the light reflected from the front of the vehicle to see if there is a defect in the headlamp.

In the evening driving the vehicle to effectively use the other vehicles of the light, you can improve the driver's ability to judge, to avoid traffic accidents.

See the shadow flashes to be anti-pedestrian: If the lights in the shadow flashing, indicating that the car before the pedestrian or cyclist, and the distance has been close. In order to prevent the sudden emergence of pedestrians must be slowed down in advance, do not feel lucky to avoid accidents.

There is no fence to slow down the line: a lot of mixed lane no central fence, the case of waiting for the vehicle waiting and the car lane flow, you can find the light to the vehicle is uniform and regular. At this point, pedestrians rush across the road, the driver is often due to the light to the vehicle and blind spots. The driver should pay attention to slow down through, when the car lights before the change that someone moved before the car.

Out of the alley first headlamps: urban roads in addition to spacious roads, there are narrow alley and cross the intersection. Often vehicles or pedestrians suddenly come out from the alley, if the driver can not be found in time to take measures prone to danger. If you can observe the mouth of the vehicle out of the light can avoid accidents.

If the lights are light, the height is low for the car, the light is dark, the position is high, and the height of the light is high. Large car. At this time the driver should slow down, whistle, alternating use far, near the light to remind each other.

Night driving the main road to look at the lights: In order to improve the road capacity, the city built a lot of roads with the main road. At night to drive to the main road into the exit, pay attention to observe whether the import and export lighting. If there is a vehicle to drive from the main road or from the auxiliary road into. Because the traffic sector design of the import and export direction and the main, auxiliary road direction is a certain angle, the normal driving of the vehicle lights can not be direct, only into the main, auxiliary road vehicle lights can be direct to be found in other vehicles.

Rain and fog, poor visibility at night driving skills:

Rain and fog days is not correct to open the lights, both can not see the front of the vehicle, but also because of low visibility caused by line of sight problems, to other driving vehicles trouble. When the rainstorm weather, less than 100 meters visibility, it is recommended that the driver to open the double flash. Especially on the highway, this can effectively prompt the surrounding vehicles to observe their own driving the vehicle and pay attention to the distance, but also can effectively prevent the rainstorm occurred in the rear-end accident. Rain and fog weather at the same time to open anti-fog lights, large trucks should also open the show lights.

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