Not Enough Bright Car Headlights Hurry, Learn Two Strokes, So Bright As Ever!

- Nov 24, 2017 -

I believe a lot of riders have found that vehicles with a long time later, the car headlights are not so bright before, according to the road is always vague, traffic at night simply can not see the road. This indirectly increases the risk of driving, then how to deal with it? Get 4S shop to get rid of? In fact, do not use, as long as its clean, you can become bright as ever!

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understand the car headlights yellow, blurred the reason

The transparent shell on the surface of the car headlight is usually made of polycarbonate, which is very strong and clear. But in the final analysis is still a kind of plastic, after long-term wind and sun, it will be the dust in the air, pebbles slowly corrosion, scratches, and even some difficult to clean yellow stains, resulting in lights Not bright, according to the light is very vague.

So how to clean it? There are two ways

1、cleaning method 

The first one: soapy water wipe

Soapy water is a weakly alkaline substance, non-corrosive, mild in nature and high in cleaning ability. We just need to soak a good soapy water (you can thicken some) evenly dumped in the car headlight surface, about 10 minutes, then use a soft sponge repeatedly wipe, you can clean the dirt in addition, and also have some polishing effect.

The second measure: cotton wipe

The second method is used for routine maintenance, we can use the soft cloth slightly wiping the headlights at ordinary times of leisure, we can avoid the formation of stubborn stains, keep the car headlights bright. In the wiping process, should not be used not rough rags, nor force wipe. Because the car headlights that layer of plastic, it is easy to scratch, once scratched the headlight scratches the surface, it is easy to store dirt, it is difficult to clean.

The method is actually very simple, do not have to spend much money, just need to usually use dim sum, can play an excellent protective effect. I hope these two simple tips to be able to help you riders.

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