Reference Parameters For Truck Lights

- Jan 01, 2018 -

1. Voltage:

This refers to the input voltage of LED lamp bars. Generally, the usual specification is dc 12V, or 24V. Working voltage: DC12V power: 14.3 watts per meter/meter 18.2 watts, optional.

2. Color temperature:

Refers to a standard blackbody, heating temperature to a certain degree of color started by scarlet - pale red - orange - white - blue, gradual change, the color photograph of a light source and blackbody at the same time, we will blackbody absolute temperature at the time called the color temperature of the light source.

Generally speaking, color temperature is not an indicator for the assessment of LED lights, but many customers abroad will make a special request because of the environment.

Light source color temperature is different, the light color is different:

The color temperature is below 3300K and the light color is red to warm. There is a steady atmosphere, warm feelings, and warm colors.

The color temperature is in the middle of 5000-- 6000K, in which the person has no special visual psychological effect and has a refreshing feeling. It is called "neutral" color temperature.

The color temperature is over 6000K, the light color is bluish, gives the feeling of cold and cold, is called cool color temperature.

Generally, 7500K (cold white) /6500K (positive white) /3500K (warm white and yellow).

3. Brightness:

The basic unit of luminous intensity is one of the basic units of international unit system.

Generally, the different colors of LED light bars have different luminescence intensity. The commonly used units are MCD, or millikendra. The higher the number, the greater the luminous intensity, the brighter it is. This is an important indicator of the brightness of LED lights, and the higher the brightness requirements, the higher the price. This is because the high brightness of LED chips is expensive, and the higher the brightness, the more difficult it is to encapsulate.

4. Luminous Angle:

This refers to the light-emitting Angle of LED elements on LED lights. Generally, the luminous Angle of the generic strip LED (i.e., SMD elements) is 120 degrees. The greater the Angle of luminescence, the better the astigmatism, but relative, the brightness of its luminescence is reduced accordingly. The light Angle is small, the intensity of the light is up, but the scope of the exposure is narrowed. Therefore, another important indicator for evaluating LED lights is the luminous Angle. There are some bad manufacturers on the market, to raise the brightness of the luminescence to earn higher profit, intentionally reduce the Angle of the light, a slight immodesty, will buy such a kind of inferior element.

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