The Advantages Of LED Car Lights

- Jun 23, 2018 -

LED car lights are still in its infancy in China, and only about 10% of vehicles on the road have LED car lights installed. But LED high brake lights are almost universal to almost all cars. The LED lamp is a new type of lamp technology developed in recent years. As a new technology, it has both advantages and many deficiencies.


1. The appearance is novel, effectively improving the appearance of the vehicle and improving the grade of the car.

2, long life, due to the long life of the LED itself, LED car lights can almost do the same life with the car.

3, impact shock, LED is a solid light source, unlike the light bulb in the vibration when fragile.

4, energy saving and environmental protection, LED car lights efficiency is nearly ten times higher than the ordinary halogen bulb, itself does not contain environmental pollution components.

5, fast response time, improve road safety. The response time of LED car lights is 0.2-0.3 seconds faster than ordinary lights, which is equivalent to a human reaction time, which greatly improves the safety of road driving.


1, the price is high, with LED reversing lights as an example, an LED reversing light module nearly 100 yuan, and a light bulb price is only 1 yuan, of which many parts are the cost of LED lights. High prices lead to ordinary cars can not afford LED lights, the market can not be promoted.

2, LED instability. As a kind of semiconductor device, LED's own luminous flux, wavelength, and lifetime are susceptible to temperature and are not as stable as incandescent light bulbs. This feature creates great difficulty for the design of LED car lights.

3, although the LED life is very long, but often in the lights are many LED integrated together, the combination of life is not necessarily very long. In addition, the quality of domestic LED is mixed, and there are many LED lights in the phenomenon of dead lights in a very short time. Some or all of the unlit LED lights can often be seen on the street.

4. In the event of a failure of the LED car lights, it is basically only possible to replace the entire light. For example, if the LED side of the headlight is turned badly, only the headlights can be replaced, including the far and near lights, because the general maintenance office will not have a circuit board such as an LED. This greatly increases maintenance costs and wastes resources.

The solution to these problems still needs the development of LED technology itself. The higher the luminous flux/price ratio of the LED, the more advantageous the application prospect of the LED on the vehicle light. There is also room for improvement in other LED performance. Most of the defects of LED lights are directly related to LED technology. To solve these problems, LED technology can only wait for the maturity and development of LED technology. The last drawback is that it is entirely possible to use the LED module as an aftermarket product to replace the LED module in the 4S shop. At the same time, attention is paid to the problem of easy replacement in the design, and the replacement of the circuit board is as simple and convenient as replacing the lamp.

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