The Application Of LED Taillights On The Truck.

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Truck rear lights have car to convey the driver braking, steering, such as intention, back to the car, the warning role for road safety has a very important role, is essential for the vehicle. You can imagine what it would be like if the front car suddenly turned to or stopped without an indicator light. Therefore, the traffic police will be inspected by the police for damage or not light, and even some are too sensitive for the reasons everyone understands.

Vehicle bumping is easy to cause the vehicle tail light failure, so in recent years, many owners have replaced truck tail lights from the traditional light bulb with LED taillights stability is better, and even some special depot in the factory is assembly LED taillights. Notice that the LED lights on the highway are getting higher and higher.

What is an LED?

LED English name called the Light Emitting Diode, the Chinese meaning for Light Emitting Diode, is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be the DianZhuan directly into the Light, and we are familiar with the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp luminous principle is different. LED has the advantages of small volume, vibration resistance, energy saving and long life.

The concept of LED is very hot now, which is not a new word for modern people. In our daily life, there are a lot of leds used to indicate lights. With the development of technology, LED also has many forms, as shown in the figure above, including the direct interpolation and patch type.

The application of LED in truck.

Notice the tail lights and side lights on the truck, and you'll see that a lot of cars have been turned into LED products.

1. Shock proof and long service life. Under normal circumstances, leds are much more reliable and live longer than regular bulbs. There is a good immunity to the bumps in the truck, unlike regular light bulbs that burn black or break when they are switched on and off. For trucks, it may reduce the chance that the lights will be fined when the road is tested, which may be the number one reason for the card's choice of LED.

2. Energy saving. LED work requires less current, and in the profiles found on the Internet, white leds consume only 1/10 of the energy of incandescent bulbs and 1/4 of energy-saving lamps. This is one of the reasons why leds are now so hot.

3. Strong light penetration. This is very clear in the dark at night, and it's also more visually appealing than the normal light bulb.

Problems in LED use.

However, many friends in the use of the process also reflected several LED problems:

1. Not bright enough during the day;

2. Turn the light on quickly;

3. The circuit will fail the alarm;

4. The circuit is turned off and the light will be on;

5. If the LED is broken, it can only replace the whole assembly, not like the traditional lamp.

Why do these problems arise? We have consulted LED manufacturers and auto manufacturers related personnel, they introduced to us the situation of LED market.

LED price, quality difference is big.

From the purchase price, we can see that the user feedback, LED products, price difference is very big, the LED manufacturer said, now used for truck rear lights LED products differences, lamps and lanterns of a rear lights, for example, fewer than 10 yuan, the lowest cost price on the market and the cost of good LED lamps and lanterns to hundreds of yuan.

Bad LED can be a problem.

The so-called "one cent and one cent goods", inferior LED product also has very big difference in quality.

1. Low brightness. The lighting is of great importance to the safety of the vehicle. In the gb4785-2007 automobile and trailer exterior lighting and light signal device, the car lighting is also specified in detail. However, some bad LED lights will not meet the requirements of use.

2. Short service life. This is also a problem that many netizens reflect, that is, life is not as long as you have been introduced, which is similar to the life of ordinary light bulbs, which is mainly the problem of quality. According to the introduction, the average quality of the LED lamp will reach 20,000 hours, which can be used for 4-5 years, while the poor quality may be dimmed or not bright in two or three months.

3. Poor water resistance. The LED lamp requires high waterproofing performance, and poor quality LED is not well done in this respect. The working environment of the truck is complicated, which can easily cause water vapor to enter and affect the service life of the LED.

Use inferior materials. In addition to LED lights, some manufacturers will use some inferior components in other parts to reduce costs, which will cause the following problems.

They are afraid of the sun, which can cause the chimney to age.

Be afraid of oil, the lamp shade is less corrosive.

Afraid of strong light, it is easy to cause the light to fade.

The wiring of the circuit board is too thin, or the copper wire is replaced by iron, aluminum and other materials.

Analysis of the problem caused by users.

For many of these questions, the manufacturer also gave several possible reasons.

Question 1: not bright enough during the day.

In order to solve this problem, many truck drivers will turn the headlights and turn the lights to improve the brightness, but there are some hidden dangers in this connection.

There are two possible reasons for this:

First, the quality problem of LED light bulb, as mentioned above, the price difference of LED is particularly large, and the cost varies from a few yuan to a hundred yuan, and a big difference is in brightness. There is also poor quality of use time not long enough, in a period of time will appear brightness abate.

Second, the installation of LED. The LED is unidirectional, and the warning effect is not obvious when the Angle is a little bit. If the multi-angle laminated LED is used in the picture, the scattering effect can be achieved through the reflection of the reflector.

Now LED taillights are generally added reflector design, good make up for the deficiency, like in the picture above on the right side of the picture without reflector design is easy to cause the car couldn't see, do not use.

Problem 2: circuit alarm, turn the light to flash fast.

This is mainly due to the small current required by the LED light, which will be replaced by the LED lamp directly, which will cause the frequency of the flash device to be accelerated. For some vehicles with tail light detection function, it is also by detecting the current of the circuit, the system is mistaken for the light, so the alarm.

Solution: you can increase the current of the whole circuit by using a resistor in parallel with the LED lamp. But the power of the resistance should be selected, otherwise it is easy to burn. As the use of LED lamps is becoming more and more common, some of the vehicle manufacturers are also considering the influence of the LED lights on the whole vehicle when designing.

Question 3: the circuit will be switched off.

It is possible that there is a low current in the circuit of the body, and the LED only needs a very small current to work, so some of the static electricity of the car can be used to light the LED lights.

Solution: you can connect a 3-watt light bulb in a circuit.

The LED market needs to be regulated.

It is also the advantages of LED and so on, as we know, some of the trailers have now started to use LED lights as standard. Some trailers have already started using LED lights as taillight at the liangshan special auto show.

LED taillights has unveiled its huge market potential, it also caused many companies to join, but in communication and LED manufacturer, they told small make up, now truck LED market need further specification.

Unlicensed production enterprises impact regular enterprises.

Leds have high requirements, the production technology in the market now there are a large number of production units of the trailer technology level is not high, the mode of production, even the mill order to save the cost, they use inferior LED lamps and lanterns, it makes some of the LED manufacturer with living space. The products chosen by the regular manufacturer will be tested and verified, and the products are more guaranteed.

The formal LED lamps and lanterns need to pass the national 3C certification, it is suggested that the user can avoid buying fake and inferior products in this way when choosing.

There is a lack of regulation and vicious competition.

And although the country has strict requirements on automotive lighting, but the lack of effective supervision on the market or make some fake shoddy products into the market, they caused by price war such as vicious competition, market turmoil is the final result of the user is hard to find really good product, a lot of truck driver has also been a lot of fake and shoddy products hurt too.


LED as a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection material, has become in recent years of a concept, had appeared in the car all LED lamps products, if you can solve the problem of technology and cost, the LED will get more development and application in the future.

However, it is important to note that at this stage, some of the performance characteristics of the LED are not the same as the traditional light bulbs we used before, so it is not easy to replace them.

With regard to the use and modification of LED lights, if you have any experience and problems in use, would you like to share the discussion with more truck drivers?

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