The Characteristics Of LED Lights.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

1. Reliability and service life.

2. Efficiency/per watt lumens.

Leds consume more light per unit of electricity than standard incandescent bulbs. However, compared with halogen lamps, the actual optical output of LED is not obvious. The latest LED has excellent lumen value per watt, but some values are obtained under optimal conditions and are not normally obtained under the highest output conditions. In general, when the current of LED increases, the output of light does not increase linearly. Therefore, even if the LED is output x lumens at 0.5A current, it will not output 2x lumens at 1.0A.

3. Response speed

Brake lights and the direction indicator lamp, for example, assume that the vehicle speed of 125 km/h, namely the 35 m/s, incandescent warm start time is about 250 milliseconds, and quickly LED to early brake warnings about 8 meters distance, thus effectively avoid hitting the car. So does the indicator light.

4. The directional

Another key feature is LED lighting. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, leds can only shine through a surface, which is good for use by the headlights and navigation lights, but may not be suitable for other lighting applications.

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