The Classification Of Car Lights

- Mar 21, 2018 -

1.Brake light

Brake lights are generally installed at the rear of the vehicle. The main color is a red light, which enhances the penetration of the light source, so that even if the vehicle is running at a lower visibility, it is easy to find the brakes of the front vehicle and prevent the rear-end collision from happening.

2, reversing lights

The reversing light is turned on automatically when the driver hangs the reverse gear. It is transparent and mainly plays a role in prompting and lighting in the dark.

3, reflective strip

In the rear lights of cars, it plays a reflective role. When the rear car shines, no matter which direction it is from, it can be returned along the original road. (here abide by the law of physical reflection)

4, turn signal

1) Front turn signal

Inside the car headlights, flashing to inform others about your car's steering. The color is amber.

2) Side turn signal

On both sides of the car, some are set on the back of the car mirror, flashing to tell others that your car is turning. The color is amber.

3) Rear turn signal


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