The Composition Of Car Lighting

- Jul 20, 2017 -

The car is equipped with a horn, its use is used to warn pedestrians and other vehicles to attract attention, to ensure traffic safety; also can be used to urge and pass information. According to the pronunciation of a pneumatic vibration and electromagnetic vibration; by the shape of a spiral, cylindrical and basin shape. At present most of the cars are electric horn, usually installed in the front of the hood or the front of the front.

Non-contact electric horn No contact of the electric horn is the use of transistor control circuit to stimulate the diaphragm vibration to produce sound. Mainly multi-harmonic oscillation circuit and power amplifier circuit. N is composed of VT1, VT2, VT3 and C1, C2 and R1-R9. The VD2 and R1 are the multistector oscillator circuit, VD1 for the temperature compensation; VD3 for the power reverse protection circuit; C3 for the speaker power supply filter circuit; R6 to adjust the speaker volume.

No contact electric horn

Horn relay in the car with two different audio speakers, due to the larger current consumption, with the button directly control, the button is easy to burn, so often use the speaker relay.

The first part of the speaker model name: DL --- a contact, DLD --- no contact The second part of the voltage level 1-12V, 2-24V, 6-6V The third part of the structure code: 1- Long tube, 2-pot, 6-spiral n The fourth part of the volume code: G-treble, D-bass n The fifth part of the design number

Speaker model

Maintenance and adjustment of electric horns

The installation method of the horn has a great influence on the pronunciation of the speaker, so it is not rigidly installed, and a sheet spring or rubber pad is fitted between the speaker and the fixing frame.

Adjustment: 1, tone adjustment tone depends on the diaphragm frequency of vibration. Reduce the gap between the upper and lower speakers, then increase the tone, increase the tone is reduced


2, the volume adjustment Volume depends on the strength of the current through the speaker coil current, the current volume is strong

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