The Difference Between A Car Halogen Lamp And A Xenon Headlamp

- Feb 24, 2018 -

The history of halogen headlamps applied to automobiles should be traced back to 1970s. This is also the most common source of automobile headlamps for all kinds of automobiles. The halogen lamp price is relatively cheap, for the economy of some models of low price, to reduce the cost of cars is very suitable. Halogen lamp is actually in the life we use incandescent lamp upgrades, adding application of halogen elements, making the incandescent lamp brightness can be increased by 1.5 times, and the service life is 2-3 times of ordinary incandescent lamps. In order to improve the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp, first of all, we must improve the temperature of tungsten wires, but the corresponding causes of tungsten sublimation, sublimation and black in the glass shell. When the incandescent lamp is filled with halogen or halide bulb blackening by using the principle of tungsten halogen cycle can eliminate incandescent lamps, halogen lamps. This is.

The xenon headlight is also called the HID gas discharge headlamp. It is the principle of anti ultraviolet quartz glass tube in UV-cut, with a variety of chemical gas filling, mostly with inert gases such as xenon iodide, and then through the Booster Car DC voltage on the instantaneous high pressure 12 volts to 23000 Volts CURRENT, high voltage amplitude excitation through electronic quartz xenon tube free, produce the light source between two electrodes, this is the so-called gas discharge. The luminance of the xenon lamp is large, the bright color is close to the sun light, the power consumption is low, the reliability is high, and it is not affected by the voltage fluctuation on the car. Because xenon lamps use high voltage current to activate xenon, a beam of electric arc is formed, which can continue to discharge between two electrodes. It can shine as high as 5000K, and 5000K is also the closest to the midday daylight, the most comfortable luminosity to the human eye. But! If you want to encounter special weather, the xenon lamp can basically stop eating. Actually, many manufacturers set up near light xenon lamp and high light halogen, saving money is part of it, and this is very necessary according to the actual situation.

When we watch the cars on the road at night, there are nine out of ten yellowing cars with halogen lamps. In effect, the temperature low halogen lamp, resulting in light color warm yellow. In the dark of light, the Yellow halogen lamp is not so visible as a xenon lamp, but it is not a problem to meet the normal use of the night.

The difference between a car halogen lamp and a xenon headlamp.

1, the xenon lamp is no filament, it is only one of the gas luminescence points of the size of the soya bean; the halogen lamp has the filament.

2, the xenon bulb has three times higher light intensity than the ordinary halogen bulb, and energy consumption is only two.

3, the xenon bulb uses the same light color as the sun, creating better visual conditions for the driver. Xenon lamps make the light range more extensive and the light intensity is greater, greatly improving the safety and comfort of driving.

4. The xenon lamp is high in brightness and high in color temperature. The naked eye feels white or blue light, and it needs to be added with the stabilizer. Halogen lamps are low in color temperature and yellow in light. You can use it with a twist.

Next, I want to popularize a knowledge here, or this is the advantage of halogen headlamps. In relative terms, this is a disadvantage of xenon headlamps: the combination of halogen headlamps and reflectors is just like the combination of xenon lights and lenses. But the combination of xenon lamp lens + although in brightness advantage, but the light is projected after the distribution is not uniform, direct out xenon lamp driving at night light will produce localized phenomenon, the middle area of the light is bright, but both sides of the light will be dark, although some can be swept into many areas light, do not have the safety conditions of observation.

On the contrary, the combination of halogen + reflector, without the help of lens, although the brightness of light is not as bright as xenon lamp, but the relative brightness of other areas is relatively uniform, there will be no obvious visual attenuation area, and driving at night will be more secure.

In addition, a halogen headlamp with low color temperature has a distinct advantage. When it comes to low visibility weather such as rain and snow, haze and so on, halogen light source can penetrate far better than the xenon light source with high color temperature.

However, the advantages of the halogen lamps have become smaller and smaller as the xenon lamp technology becomes more mature. Instead of xenon light, some obvious advantages of the halogen light are difficult to reach.

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