The Effect Of Led Taillight.

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Led taillights can be modified in such a way that they can improve the brightness of certain lights, but the effect is limited. Is brought about by the line, switch and power of power load increases, the light bulb heat increase and increase of the temperature of the lamp cup, easy to cause overloaded and switch burned, accelerated aging mercury lamp cup, light cup fever caused by welding deformation, and may even cause fire accident.

The most common failure is that after a period of time, the large lamp combination switch contacts burn. Because, after led tail light bulb power increases, the line current, then multiply the original line (resistance) under the condition of invariable, line voltage loss, namely the power loss and geometric power will also increase, headlight on both ends of the voltage drop, which resulted in increased line load. So, to be on the safe side, the light bulb in large power at the same time, the line should be a certain degree of innovation: adding relay control, directly from the battery power, increase the heat dissipation at the back of the headlight. Otherwise, the led taillight not only increases the brightness of the lighting, but also increases the safety hazard.

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