The Price Of LED Lights Depends On Its Value.

- Mar 04, 2018 -

The quality determines the value of the value of the led lamp price depends on its value.

The common LED lights in the market seem to be the same, but the price is very different, which is a confusing place for many friends. In fact, the quality determines the price is the eternal truth, LED car lamp quality determines LED lamp price, mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

1. Precision of LED car lighting type Light reflection bowl, most is not the shape of the obtained by computer aided design, instead of using the model of rolling over, imitating directly from the molding products, for more details, there are few truly LED lamp manufacturers to in-depth study. Although it is easy to copy, the refractive index of the lens depends on the material itself, which is difficult to replicate without the analysis of the precise instrument. Furthermore, it is not an ideal light source for the light source we use now, the halogen lamp. As you know, the filament is of a certain length, and it is impossible to take advantage of simple high school physics to deal with the reflection of this light source. If high school physics knowledge can be directly used to directly, we went to buy a ball of glass shell, cut in half, after reflection on the inner surface plating membrane, in its position, the lamp can be as a lamp. To precise control of non point sources of the final light must rely on the professional cad software, the software of the filament after point light path calculation, take a look at the different position placement in filament light light in which overlay, was able to get the final design of light (which is why a lot of people found that after the installation of the HID light type divergence, HID light shines with halogen lamp can't completely overlap, it is usually a winding line, like lightning). Even when you use a non-standard production of a car led light bulb, it will eventually lead to a deviation between the light type and the design light. A good LED car lamp will allow you to obtain most of the light flux in its design light, while only a small amount of light flux falls outside the design area.

2, the quality of the led lamp material, the led light reflection bowl coating ability of resistance to high temperature and oxidation resistance, usually we now newly purchased the led light can achieve very good reflection effects, coating quality is poor in part only of the surface of the led light reflection bowl can be found in a large number of bubbles, impurities, such as the quality problem of the intuitively. Normally, the normal quality of the LED car lamp will never allow you to see this, because it is a defective product for the general quality control system. However, it is the inner quality of the reflective film that allows us to distinguish between high quality products and accessory factory products. Modern coating technology in order to save the production cost, and improve the efficiency of reflection, usually adopt aluminum film, and aluminum itself is very easy because long exposure in the air and oxidized, form the reflective aluminum oxide layer; At the same time, in order to make the coating can be attached to the reflective bowl metal substrate, the polymer material is usually used as the basis. When the polymer material is exposed to ultraviolet light, it will rapidly age, resulting in reflection bowl albinism. The quality of Led lamp materials, such as the resistance to high temperature and oxidation resistance, is directly related to the quality of Led lights, thus causing the difference in the price of Led lights.

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