The Role And Type Introduction Of Automobile Combination Taillights

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The rear light of the car is mainly illuminated and signaled at the rear of the whole car. The rear lights are usually composed of rear lights, reversing lights, brake lights, rear fog lamps, rear turn signals and retroreflectors.

Brake lights are divided into two categories: left and right brake lights (two) and high brake lights (one)

Left and right brake lights are an important part of the car rear lights, one left and right, respectively, on both sides of the rear lights. The brake light is red and the red has a warning. As long as the brake light on the light (including handbrake). The brake light is to be prompted to slow down the vehicle or to stop the car, the back of the car will be able to prepare in advance. Now the brake lights are usually fog lights, able to penetrate thick fog. Also some use LED lights to do brake lights.

High brake lights are generally installed in the rear of the rear, easy to follow the rear of the vehicle is easy to find the front of the vehicle brake, which play to prevent rear-end accident occurred. High brake lights are warning vehicles behind the vehicle, so as to avoid the occurrence of rear-end accident.

Vehicles with no high brake lights, especially the lower chassis and minivans in the brake because the rear brake light position is low, usually the brightness is not enough, followed by the following vehicles, especially the chassis of the higher passenger cars, trucks and The bus driver is sometimes hard to see. So the risk of rear-end accident is relatively large.

 A large number of research findings show that high brake lights can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of car rear-end accidents. As a result, high brake lights have been widely used in many developed countries. For example, in the United States, all new sedans must be equipped with high brake lights since 1986, and all high light trucks must also be installed since 1994.


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